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Rent Portable Toilets for Construction Sites or Special Events

Cleanliness is our number 1 priority! In large events organized in open spaces, toilets can be hard to set up. A good organizer has to ensure that everyone is comfortable during the event. If you are organizing such an event, we can help you to rent portable toilets in Sicamous. We at Trig’s Septic Service Ltd have the necessary vehicles to deliver and collect them free of cost. Our staff will install them properly on the location for you. These toilets can also be used at construction sites and other similar places.

Brown Portable toilet

Why Rent a Portable Toilet?

We ensure the peace of mind of our customers when they rent portable toilets from us. Here are a few benefits of renting portable toilets:

We prioritize cleanliness and hygiene.
There are pre-installed solar lights in the ‘event toilets’ installed for weddings or related functions.
We offer flexible schedules for servicing.
We charge no fee for delivery and pick-up.
We provide hand sanitization and hand wash stations for rental as well.
We also have wheelchair-accessible rental portable toilets.

Our team is there to cater to any of your needs. All you have to do is to give us a call.

Got Questions?

Our representatives can help you with any queries related to portable toilets and other septic services.

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