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One-Stop-Shop for Your Septic Service Needs in Sicamous and Surrounding Areas

Our team at Trig’s Septic Service Ltd provides septic services like RV and boat pumping and septic tank cleaning in Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Blind Bay and more. We are a company that aims at providing the highest quality work to our clients, and we constantly strive to outdo ourselves in terms of better results. We also provide portable toilets for rent for private or company events.


The following are a few things that we can help you with:

Septic tank cleaning
Over time, waste can build up in your septic tanks. If not dealt with in time, it can cause severe damage. This is why you should get your septic tanks cleaned every once in a while. To ensure an efficient septic tank cleaning service, we have also got a lid lifter that helps lift heavy concrete lids quickly.
RV and boat pumping
We also have the necessary tools to help you with RV and boat pumping without any problem. We can provide any pending pumping service to your vehicle at affordable costs.
Company truck

Septic Tank Do’s and Don’ts

Here are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling septic tanks. Read on further to learn more:


Learn the exact location of the tank and the drain field.
Have your tank regularly maintained. This depends on the size of your tank: an average tank should be pumped every 3 years if there are 4 people using the system. If there are two people, then every 5 years for the longevity of your field.
Regularly clean the filters in your septic system.
Septic tanks are meant to be full in order to work properly.
In case you are buying a home with an existing tank, be sure to obtain the location and maintenance records.


Don’t flush feminine hygiene products down your toilet.
Don’t ever put bleach into your sink or toilet, as it can kill good bacteria in the septic tank.
Avoid putting in any kind of hazardous waste.
Don’t put any non-biodegradable items down your sink or toilet.
Avoid flushing grease down your toilet or sink.
Don’t build a deck, asphalt driveway or anything else on top of your septic tank.

Whenever you are in need of any of these services, make sure to give us a call.

Rent a Portable Toilet

We provide portable toilets on rent for events along with hand-sanitizing stations for large events.

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